Electricity is undeniably one of the most important resources in our everyday and business lives. We rely on it for leisure, work and numerous everyday processes, even down to making a cup of tea.

At EDS, we realise that you can't live without effective electrical provision, so whatever your electrical needs, EDS will have the right solution for you.

Data Communications

Data Communication plays a crucial part in our day to day lives. From the moment a mobile phone is purchased at a shop till point to when it is used to call someone on the other side of the world, the data communication network is all around us.
EDS works with the three main types of data communication: copper cabling, fibre optics and wireless. So whether you need to connect your home computer to the Internet or link two business offices together, EDS can provide an effectual and competent service.

Security Systems

Security is a major priority for all of us today. Feeling safe is important to everyone, whether this comes from a simple security camera or a bespoke door entry system.

EDS understands the need for simple, trustworthy security devices and can provide whatever you need to feel safe and secure in your home or business. From sheds to multi-storey buildings, EDS offers the latest security technology to protect you and your assets.

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